Since RoboCup 2021 will be held virtually all around the world, owing to the ongoing COVID-19situation and the Standard Platform League is taking on a new format that is designed to provide all teams an opportunity to competitively measure their skills in robot soccer within the current circumstances without any physical presence on a common competition site.

German Open Replacement Event has been introduced to enable the League for having 5 vs 5 on-site games in local arenas in Central Europe. The team’s robots travel, but the human members stay at home.

Public Viewing

Visitors and team members can view the live streams from both arenas on the new RoboCup SPL YouTube channel: here

Live stream takes place during the whole day and all times in UTC+2. You can see teams testing their robots, see how they get setup and also some test games and normal games. If you want to watch the competition games, here is a list when the competition games start.

Remark: All dates and Times are UTC+2

ArenaGame IDHomeAwayDateStart
Dortmund1BerlinUnitedHULKs2021-05-07 (Fr)11:00
Bremen2HTWK RobotsNaoDevils2021-05-07 (Fr)11:45
Bremen3BembelbotsR-ZWEI-KICKERS2021-05-07 (Fr)15:00
Bremen4HULKsBembelbots2021-05-07 (Fr)19:00
Dortmund5B-HumanNaoDevils2021-05-07 (Fr)19:45
Bremen6BerlinUnitedR-ZWEI-KICKERS2021-05-08 (Sa)11:00
Dortmund7B-HumanHTWK-Robots2021-05-08 (Sa)14:00
Dortmund8BerlinUnitedBembelbots2021-05-08 (Sa)17:00
Bremen9NaoDevilsR-ZWEI-KICKERS2021-05-08 (Sa)17:45
Dortmund10HTWK RobotsR-ZWEI-KICKERS2021-05-09 (Su)11:00
Bremen11NaoDevilsBerlinUnited2021-05-09 (Su)11:45
Dortmund12B-HumanHULKs2021-05-09 (Su)15:00

Due to the selected Swiss-System Tournament mode, four rounds with each three games will be played. The pairs will be determined after each round and are not know beforehand.

Hosting Arenas

At GORE robot soccer games are played in two local arenas: one at NaoDevils at the Technische Universität Dortmund and one at B-Human the Universität Bremen. Thanks to the teams hosting the arenas.

Arena DortmundArena Bremen
Network contact personAaron LarischLukas Plecher
Jesery colorsYellow & BlackBlack & Red


Participating teams in GORE

The following teams participate in GORE 2021:

  • B-Human, Bremen (Germany)
  • Bembelbots, Frankfurt (Germany)
  • BerlinUnited, Berlin (Germany)
  • HTWK Robots, Leipzig (Germany)
  • HULKs, Hamburg (Germany)
  • NaoDevils, Dortmund (Germany)
  • R-ZWEI KICKERS, Kaiserlautern (Germany)


The most recent version of the GORE-Rules you can find here: GORE-Rules



For fast communication during this event, the games and for direct communication of the participants with the responsible persons in the hosting arenas we use the vRoHOW Discord. There is already a good infrastructure available, and it will be extended by a separate area for the GORE. The necessary adjustments will be made in the near future. If you haven’t joined, yet you can get an invitation link mailing the organisers.


A NextCloud folder has been created where all important files can be stored as described in the rules. This can be found in the e-mail sent to your team.


As a short info: The game controller has already been updated, thanks to Arne, and will be further adapted. The latest version can be found at the following address: GitHub GameController

Schedule & Results

As feedback from the preparation meeting and to maximize the number of games for each team and given that only a limited number of games can be played in both arenas we are scheduling the games utilizing a modified version of the Swiss-System Tournament. The aim is that every team plays against opponents of about the same strength and not, as is usually the case, to play out a clear winner.

As bases for the initial placement of the teams, we use the results of the GermanOpen from 2014 till 2019 (only considered the available teams). These scores lead to the first ranking of the teams:

Team2019 GO2018 GO2017 GO2016 GO2015 GO2014 GOScore
HTWK Robots21222312
Berlin United45444526

In total, we are going to play four rounds with each three games and one team get a free card.

Each round the first team gets the free card and is scored with 1 point. The other pairings will be 2 vs 3, 4 vs 5 and 6 vs 7. Two points are awarded for the match winner, one point for a tie and zero points otherwise.

After the initial ranking the following rankings for each round are based on the accumulated points from the matches. For teams with the same score, at the beginning of each round, the direct comparison is used first and otherwise a ranking based on the initial scoring is taken.

Each team can only get the free card once and there are no duplicate matches. Otherwise the ranking is adapted accordingly to the next best candidate.

Remark: All dates and Times are UTC+2

Round 1

1HTWK RobotsNaoDevils
Free cardB-Human

Round 2

Free cardHTWK Robots

Round 3

7B-HumanHTWK Robots
Free cardHULKs

Round 4

Free cardBembelbots

Game table

TeamInitial ScoreEvent ScoreGoalsFinal Place1st R2nd R3rd R4th R
B-Human8728:01Free Card10:08:010:0
Bembelbots3354:123:00:11:0Free Card
HTWK Robots12514:1024:2Free Card0:810:0
HULKs2955:1124:11:0Free Card0:10

Arena Schedules

Schedule for Arena Dortmund:

Game IDHomeAwayDatePreparation timeGame startResult
1BerlinUnitedHULKs2021-05-07 (Fr)09:00 - 11:0011:001:4
5B-HumanNaoDevils2021-05-07 (Fr)17:00 - 19:0019:4510:0
7B-HumanHTWK-Robots2021-05-08 (Sa)12:00 - 14:0014:008:0
8BerlinUnitedBembelbots2021-05-08 (Sa)15:00 - 17:0017:000:1
10HTWK RobotsR-ZWEI-KICKERS2021-05-09 (Su)09:00 - 11:0011:0010:0
12B-HumanHULKs2021-05-09 (Su)13:00 - 15:0015:0010:0

Schedule for Arena Bremen:

Game IDHomeAwayDatePreparation timeGame startResult
2HTWK RobotsNaoDevils2021-05-07 (Fr)09:00 - 11:0011:454:2
3BembelbotsR-ZWEI-KICKERS2021-05-07 (Fr)13:00 - 15:0015:003:0
4HULKsBembelbots2021-05-07 (Fr)17:00 - 19:0019:001:0
6BerlinUnitedR-ZWEI-KICKERS2021-05-08 (Sa)09:00 - 11:0011:003:0
9NaoDevilsR-ZWEI-KICKERS2021-05-08 (Sa)15:00 - 17:0017:4510:0
11NaoDevilsBerlinUnited2021-05-09 (Su)09:00 - 11:0011:458:0

Other appointments:

  • 2021-05-03 20:00 - Team leader meeting
  • 2021-05-06 10:00 - Opening Ceremony
  • 2021-05-06 15:00 - Rules & Referring
  • 2021-05-06 18:00 - Team leader meeting
  • 2021-05-07 20:45 - Team leader meeting
  • 2021-05-08 18:30 - Event Photo
  • 2021-05-08 20:00 - Team leader meeting
  • 2021-05-09 16:00 - Closing Ceremony


For questions, suggestions or other send us a mail to